About us

Rainbow Properties SRL is a real estate agency that builds upon more than 32 years of experience on the Brussels property market. If you are thinking of selling your apartment, house, villa, commercial property or building site, please do get in touch. We also have an in-depth knowledge of the Brussels real estate market should you be interested in larger development projects.

We have our offices based in Brussels:

  • In the EU area – A 37, Avenue de Tervuren 1040 – Brussels (metro MĂ©rode)

Rainbow Properties has three main objectives:

  • To monitor the Brussels’ real estate market and keep our clients abreast of interesting developments
  • To offer our clients clear and coherent estimates of their properties
  • To establish and maintain contacts between buyers and sellers

We are active in 4 major areas:

  • Promotion and sales of real estate projects that transform historical and industrial properties into quality apartments and lofts
  • Promotion and sales of recent construction projects in the greener areas of Brussels
  • Promotion and sales of renovated buildings in Brussels
  • The sale of all properties with an added value in the European capital

To see a list of our previous projects, please click here.

Please click on the image below to get an overview of the quality of the materials and styles used in our model apartments.

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